SOE Issues for Ministerial Guidance - WIKILEAKS

In order to utilize the particular WikiLeaks public submission system as in depth higher than you'll become in a position to download the actual Tor Browser Bundle, that is a Firefox-like browser designed for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux and also pre-configured for connecting making use of the particular anonymising system Tor.


Tor is surely an encrypted anonymising network in which can help to make it harder to intercept web communications, or discover where communications are originating from or even likely to.


If you're from high-risk and you have the actual capacity to accomplish so, you could also access the actual submission system via the secure operating system known as Tails. Tails will require you to possess either a USB stick or a DVD at least 4GB huge along along with a laptop or even desktop computer.. Tails is definitely an os launched from the USB stick or perhaps a DVD which aim to leaves zero traces when the pc is shut down after use as well as immediately routes your online traffic via Tor

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